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In the glass, it shows an intense copper color, enlivened by a fine perlage, and a light and evanescent hazy white head. 
The distinctive scents of pastries and candied panettone are pleasantly refreshed by a balsamic note of beer vinegar, with gentle aromatic touches of cereals.
The first sip surprises for its clean taste and complex aromas. The acetic note emerges immediately, accompanied by sweet notes of dry pastries and malt. Finally, the experience ends with a perfectly clean touch of bitterness, with gentle hints of tannin and wood that come from the barrels where the malt vinegar has been aged for a long time. 
Oxpera offers a great taste experience given by the combination of two Italian products: Baladin craft beer and malt vinegar (made from Baladin beer) aged in oak and acacia barrels at the San Giacomo vinegar works in Novellara. 
Technical note: Oxpera is not bottle conditioned.  As opposed to other Baladin's bottled beers, Oxpera - for technical reasons - does not undergo a bottle refermentation, in order to avoid an excessive development of the acetic component.
The beer is mixed with the beer vinegar about two days before the end of the fermentation process at 25 °C. This ensures that the CO2 (carbon dioxide) produced during the fermentation can saturate the fermentation vat and thus inhibit the growth of the acid bacteria contained in the vinegar. 
At the end of the fermentation, the beer is transferred to a maturation vat, where it is kept for three weeks at 0 °C. This period of rest - during which the beer is carefully purged -  ensures the natural clarification of the beer and the elimination of residual biomass (lees). 
When the beer is bottled, no additional sugars of yeasts are added. The focus is on making sure that no residual oxygen is trapped inside the bottle, as this would cause the growth of acid bacteria. 
Ingredients Water, barley malt, beer vinegar (of Baladin beer), hops, yeast Features Alcohol: 8,6% Color (EBC): 30-34 Degree of Bitterness (IBU): 10-12 Service Temperature : 10-12 °C
Pairings A gastronomic beer has the ambition of leaving chefs free to interpret the  possible pairings. Its aromatic notes can support offal dishes, just as creamy desserts.
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