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As we embark upon the new year of 2024, our fervent pursuit of brewing innovation leads us to a realm often overlooked, yet crucial to the symphony of flavours in our beloved craft: the enigmatic world of yeast.

Our attention grabbing Experimental Series’ of yesteryear (2023) included ‘Trio of Dips’, ‘Sheer Terroir’ and ‘Fashionably Punctual’ and unveiled the power that unique ingredients and techniques had on a single base recipe. Continuing on this exploration, ‘From Yeast To West’ traverses the uncharted landscape of yeast variations. Our quest? To investigate the impact of yeast on a quintessential West Coast IPA.

But why limit ourselves to a single yeast, when the scientific method demands a controlled experiment? Our intrepid brewing spirit compels us to explore a West Coast IPA recipe through the lens of three distinct strains, employing a uniform base and Yakima Chief YCH 701 Trial Idaho 7 hops. This side-by-side comparison displays the subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways yeast can sculpt the landscape of our beloved brew.

Prepare to encounter a triumvirate of fermentation protagonists:

  • Kveik: Emerging from the frosty climes of Norway, this enigmatic strain ferments at very high relative temps (~40°C) to traditional ale yeast without throwing undesirable flavours, instead delivering juicy citrus and tropical aromas and full bodied beer.
  • US-05: A bastion of reliability in the brewing realm, US-05 presents a pristine canvas, allowing the Yakima Chief YCH 701 Trial Idaho 7 hops to sing their song of pine, stone fruit, and delicate floral notes.
  • Thiolised Yeast: Brace yourselves for an expedition into the realm of the unconventional! This strain's mischievous nature liberates unique thioester compounds that boldly accentuate the juicy aromatics and flavours of the hops.

Three distinct yeast strains, one meticulously crafted base recipe, and the unwavering spirit of discovery await. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged and your palate surprised.

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